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Friday, July 24, 2015

Results of the Decline in Christianity in America Today

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. ~ John 8:32
Folks will call the shooter in Louisiana a Christian because he wasn't Muslim. I don't know if he was or wasn't a Christian. But what I do know is that our government, our media, and a very large proportion of our citizenry has spent more than five decades doing everything it can to strip away the vestiges of Christianity in our culture.

This article from Pew Research shows the change in our population over seven short years, from 2007 to 2014, of those who identify themselves as Christians. In 2007, 78.4% identified as Christians. In 2014, that number was down to 70.6%. In a country with 315 million citizens, that means we'd have almost 25 million more Christians today if that proportion had not dropped.

Now consider something that may be immeasurable -- the decline in Christian values among even those who proclaim to be Christians. Whole denominations that once based their doctrine on the Holy Bible have now proclaimed that God's Word is no longer God's Word. Some non-denominational churches that identify as Christians also follow this path. Many of these churches go so far as to claim Jesus is not the Son of God! I myself have had discussions with Christians who flatly deny what is stated clearly as truth in the Bible.

Now, it doesn't take any imagination at all to realize that once the Holy Bible is removed as the authority to live as a Christian, then the definition of Christianity becomes to each individual whatever that individual wants it to become. This is the reality we live in today.

It's not traditions we're disagreeing on here. I'm not talking about whether or not we should take the Lord's supper once a week, once a year, or even at all. I'm not talking about sprinkling or immersion baptism. I'm talking about the twisting of the definition of Christianity so much that millions among that 70% who call themselves Christians don't even believe Jesus is the only path to salvation!

I'm not going to judge anyone's salvation on an individual basis. I'm not going to say that you or him or her or it is of is not a Christian. But if you define Christianity the way I do -- that a Christian believes Jesus is who He said He is, did what the Bible says He did, and meant what He said in the Gospel, and that because you believe all that, you acknowledge yourself as a sinner in need of salvation, and you place your trust and faith in Him for that salvation -- then you'll understand that MILLIONS of those 70% who identify as Christians do not meet that definition.

I don't know what percent of our population actually follows Jesus' teaching, actually believes and works to live a Christian life. But I do know that it's far less than 70%. And I know it's much, much less than it was when the targeted effort to strip our culture of its Christian identity began more than 50 years ago.

In no way do I believe that every non-Christian is a horrible, violent person who will go around wantonly taking human lives. But I do recognize the inverse relationship between the proportion of Bible-believing Christians and the absolute disregard for human life in our culture.

Evil has always existed. But as we allow our culture to slip farther and farther from the teachings of the Bible, from the very teachings that brought us from a pious but ragtag collection of colonists to the greatest country in the world, evil is gaining ground. Evil is taking over.

The crazy thing is, as Christianity in and its influence on American culture shrinks, the very ones who intentionally plot and scheme to eradicate it are quick to label every evil thing as its product. When, in reality, evil is stepping in and filling the vacuum they have created.

I pray to God that we will soon see another Great Awakening in this country. Not for my sake, but for my children and grandchildren, for all the kids coming up today. I pray that hardened hearts will soften, that heretics and false teachers will repent and bend the knee and choose to honor God. I pray that our children will recognize that as a Christian nation, as a nation that recognized the Holy Bible as God's Word and Jesus Christ as His Son sent as a sacrifice for our sins, as a nation that sought to honor God, we were a people who could let our kids roam and romp and play without the fear that every strange vehicle contained a child molesting pervert.

We could leave the windows open and the door unlocked without fearing the registered sex offender down the street would slip in and abscond with our kids. We could go to the movies without a thought that some nutcase idiot was there to take the lives of people he didn't even know!

This political movement that has for more than 50 years worked incessantly to remove Christianity from our culture has made tremendous headway. They sought to "free" us from the morality that Jesus Christ taught. Well, they have "freed" many. And now, many of those are roaming the streets and killing indiscriminately.

They haven't killed Christianity in these United States. But they've convinced a lot of people to choose another path. And now, when their efforts result in increased violence, they try to lay the blame on Christianity -- the very belief system that kept such violence at bay before they had their way.

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