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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheetah Chase 5K Race Recap

Today was an experience! A good experience, but something new. It wasn't the race that was new. We ran the same race last year. It wasn't the imminent storms that radar told us were coming before we headed to Little Rock this morning. We've run in downpours before. No. Today was my first race pushing a stroller with my beautiful granddaughter in it!

The weather today wasn't conducive to taking pictures, so the photo above is from her last race when Janice pushed her, but it's the same sweet little Zoey in the same stroller that finished the Cheetah Chase 5K today. My time was slow, but I guess it's still a PR for pushing a stroller. :)
"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." ~ Proverbs 22:6

Our hope is that we can start this beautiful child out young to enjoy these races so she will find enjoyment in physical activity and the outdoors when she gets older. I wish we'd have done it with our daughters, but we weren't running and racing until they were nearly grown. By then, they had no interest in joining us, and hated it when we forced them to come. But this time we have an opportunity to start Zoey out really young and we're not going to miss it.

Now for the race recap!

Like I said earlier, we ran this race last year so the course was familiar. That said, we fully anticipated the difficulty posed by the heat, humidity, and the hills on the course. Looking at the elevation profile, you wouldn't think the hills were so bad. The first half mile of the course is a gentle downhill slope that sort of lulls you into a false sense of security.

That downhill ends and a not-too-terribly-steep grade about a quarter mile long follows. From there on, the course seems more like a roller coaster without loops than a running race course. The hills are mostly short and steep, up and down, up and down, over and over and over again. A few are really steep, and a few are longer than others, but it's a tough course just the same.

Then there's the heat and humidity of early June in an Arkansas summer that adds to the difficulty level. The race started at 8:30 in the morning. The temperature was already 770 and the humidity was 89%. Suffice it to say that hills, heat, and humidity make for a tough race.

But one of the best things about this race is the free entry to the Little Rock Zoo when it's over. Too bad the rain set in after the race and still hasn't let up. We waited for about an hour trying to outlast the rain, but it finally became obvious the downpour was there to stay. So we didn't get to use that extra today. But...the lady at the gate said we could come back tomorrow, show our bibs, and still get in free! So we left there with something to look forward to tomorrow after church.

One thing about the race that might upset a few people is they moved the start line this year and actually made the course closer to 3 miles than the 3.1 that should make up a 5K. It didn't upset me because I figured they probably did it to simplify things with the impending storms. Hopefully next year they'll move the start back and put the race back to its advertised difference.

Even though the race was tough and my time was slow, the good about this race far outweighed the bad and I give thanks to Jesus Christ for all the blessings I enjoyed!

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