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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Break in Routine Can Be a Good Thing

Janathon day 16, and I didn't run this morning. Excuses? I had plenty of them.

I ran 17 miles yesterday. I think yesterday's run left me with a cough. I've been running in the pre-dawn, freezing, cold for days on end. It snowed and sleeted yesterday and the roads are probably icy. And on and on and on I could go. So I didn't run this morning.

Instead, when the alarm went off at 4, I reset it for 4:15, then 4:30, then 5:00, then 5:30. Then I thought about the forecast I'd seen just before I went to bed last night. High of 450...

If you've been reading here any time at all, you probably know I'm not much of an afternoon runner. I LIKE running in the morning, before the sun rises, and rarely ever wait until the afternoon to hit the roads. But today I only had two miles to run. Surely I could handle (maybe even enjoy) a two mile run under the sun in 450 temps. Couldn't I?

So I didn't NOT run today. Instead, I packed shorts, t-shirt, socks, running shoes, and my Garmin and carried them all to work. And it ended up a good call.

Just before 4:00 this afternoon, I stepped out of the school building dressed for my run. The weathermen had it right, clear skies and 450. I threw the bag that now contained my work clothes into the car, pushed the start button on my Garmin, and stepped off for the two mile run.

IT WAS REALLY NICE to be running in shorts and t-shirt again! The wind was blowing and it was still a little nippy, but in a nice sort of way. I was surprised when I looked at my watch after a half mile or so. I was running an 8:48 pace, and had no idea! Maybe it was because I knew I only had two miles to run, or maybe it was the weather. But whatever it was, I was feeling good and this was turning out to be a really good decision.

I clicked off the first mile at an average 8:49 pace, the second at 8:46. I know it was only two miles, but these may be the best two miles, timewise, I've run since coming back from my knee injury last fall.

Tomorrow's another two mile day and I think I'm going to skip the morning run again. So tonight I'll pack my running clothes and carry them to work and hope for a repeat of today's performance.
"Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails." -- Proverbs 19:21

My plan was to do like I always do, get up and run this morning. That's what usually works best, and it's become my routine. It's a schedule that I'm comfortable with. Seldom when I fail to run in the morning do I make it up that afternoon. I'm a morning person and just like to run in the mornings.

But God reminded me today that His plan will be carried out even when my plans go awry. Not only that, but by trusting His plan instead of my own, things worked out better than they would have if I'd have done things my way. Every time I reset that alarm this morning, I felt a little guilty.

In my mind, I was letting myself down. Even as I was telling myself I could run after school, I didn't really believe I'd do it. I just don't usually feel like running after a long day at school. But God's purpose prevailed!

It's not He that needs me, but me that needs He! God doesn't need things to go according to my plan. I need things to go according to His. Today reminded me that I need to trust Him to make opportunities, especially when my plans don't work out.

So remember, even when things don't go the way you plan, trust in Jesus to make a way for His will to be done in your life.

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