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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arkansas Law Enforcement Battling Deadly Synthetic Weed

“Legal Marijuana” isn’t legal, but it is DEADLY!

There’s a myth going around that synthetic weed (K2, Spice, Mr. Nice Guy, Blaze, etc.) is legal and safe. WRONG on both counts! It’s illegal and even deadly!


Some, especially kids, think it’s legal because even today some gas stations and tobacco stores sell it. But this month, three stores in Lonoke County were raided and shut down1 for selling synthetic weed after a months long investigation. They couldn’t shut these stores down if what they were selling was legal!

Last August, police arrested a man in Fayetteville, Arkansas for selling fake marijuana in two stores he owned2. Fayetteville police Sgt. Craig Stout said, "This was kind of known as a place where kids can go get this illegal substance."

Just last month in Northwest Arkansas, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office let it be known they are stepping up their efforts to stamp out the spread of synthetic weed in their area.3 “It's illegal to possess or sell, you cannot have it at all, it's just like marijuana, meth anything...classified as Possession of Controlled Substance, the actual charge of obtaining any type of K2 or selling it," said Benton County Deputy Corey Coggin.

So whenever someone tries to tell you this stuff is legal, or okay, tell them you know better! Cops would not be arresting people for having it if it was legal!


New York Health Department officials have linked at least three deaths to this so-called “safe” alternative to other drugs. "Upstate New York health and public safety officials recently held a press conference to publicize the fact that three people in the area have died after using synthetic pot," reports attorney George F. Hildebrandt4.

In the autopsy report on the death of a Florida teen, the medical examiner concluded that synthetic marijuana use likely contributed to the young man’s death by drowning in a creek less than knee-deep.5 In a statement explaining the link between fake pot and the boy’s death, director of investigations Bill Pellan said, "A 19-year-old, otherwise-healthy young man fell in a body of water that he shouldn't have drowned in — and he drowned."

Fake pot/“Legal Weed”/Synthetic Marijuana CAN KILL YOU! DON’T DO IT!

1 Tobacco shops raided in Lonoke County for selling fake pot

2 Police Arrest Man After Synthetic Marijuana Investigation

3 Northwest Arkansas Cops Battling Synthetic Marijuana Problem

4 Three Syracuse-area deaths fan the flames of debate over synthetic marijuana

5 Use of synthetic marijuana linked to drowning death of Clearwater teen

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