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Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's in a name?

A little girl turned one year old today. Her name is Britlee Marie. She and her parents are very, very special to me. At her birthday party today, the idea for this poem came to me in the hopes that one day she'll read it and understand just how much she and her parents mean to me.

Beautiful little Britlee,
You turned one year old today.
When we first saw you in the hospital,
Doesn't seem that far away.

Words are insufficient,
To describe what you mean to me.
But I'll try my very best,
So when you're older you can read.

The middle name you carry
Isn't what it should have been.
A couple months before your birth
It was to be another then.

But your mother changed it on the spot
When she got the news that day,
That her friend, my oldest daughter,
Amanda Marie Allison had passed away.

Your middle name was changed
The instant that she heard,
That's why it's now Marie,
After my dear sweet oldest girl.

Right from the very start,
When I heard that night,
My biggest fear has been
That her memory too will die.

But your very special parents
Made sure that's not to be,
Because they made your middle name
The same as hers, Marie.

I am so very thankful
To see you laugh and play.
For though my girl's in heaven,
She lives on through your name.

I thank God that I am so blessed to teach in such a wonderful community with students like Britlee's mom and dad. I have no doubt that Jesus led me here.

Thank you Courtney, Dalton, and Britlee. There are no words adequate to tell you how much it means for me to see this beautiful little girl carry Amanda's middle name. May God always bless you all.

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