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Friday, May 13, 2011

You will be a part...

This week would have been the last that Amanda Marie Allison roamed the halls of Vilonia High School as a student. Or should have been. The class of 2011 has finished the year, and commencement exercises will take place next Saturday. But Amanda will not be present, in body at least.

Today, was the last day members of her graduating class had to attend VHS. The rest of this school year will be completed without seniors present. Amanda so looked forward to this day. She was practically counting down when the year began, and she gloated about being so near the end almost every day. But she didn't make it. This day, these events were stolen from her.

But even though we won't see her there, Amanda will be a part of the VHS class of 2011 graduation ceremonies.

So full of life and vigor,
You'd come bouncing down the hall.
Without a care or worry,
Your presence blessed us all.

All the time you spoke of
Getting out of school.
The freedom you saw coming
To make up your own rules.

Now that time's upon us,
The one you waited for.
But you're no longer here,
And won't be evermore.

Today your classmates left us.
From school they did depart.
But each of them is leaving
With not a quite whole heart.

A piece of theirs is missing,
Just as it is with mine.
You took those pieces with you
When you left this world behind.

Next Saturday they'll graduate,
Wearing tassels, caps and gowns.
Though you won't be walking,
I hope you'll be around.

I know that we won't see you,
Or hear your name aloud.
But I know you'll be remembered
By most there in the crowd.

A few months shy you left us,
Too soon without a doubt.
But you will be remembered.
You shall not be left out.

For in the list of graduates,
All will find your name.
A chair amidst your classmates
Will hold your picture in a frame.

Of the day that you so longed for
You will be a part.
Today, tomorrow, and always
We'll carry you in our heart.

We would like to thank all those who worked to make it possible for Amanda to be remembered. Several students, parents, and school officials worked together to make sure this happened.

We would like to remind everyone that we consider the steps taken to recognize and honor Amanda sufficient and adequate. Commencement exercises are a celebration of the achievement of every member of the graduating class. We do not want the 2011 graduation ceremony to become more of a memorial service than a celebration. Therefore, we respectfully ask that all students and those attending refrain from taking any further steps to bring attention to Amanda's death at graduation.

Thank you, and God bless you all.

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  1. John..... How very beautiful are your words.
    I didn't realize you were at Vilonia HS.
    let me say I am so sorry for the destruction from the tornado... I drove through there last weekend... And was shocked by the devastation.
    Then realizing where u are I remembered the sad story of your daughter being killed. I am so sorry for what you've been through. I followed the story on the news--- and said many prayers for you.

    Lorrie Sterling

  2. Thank you Lorrie. Yes ma'am. We teach in Vilonia. It has been a very trying year to say the least. The many prayers have definitely been felt. We couldn't have made it this far without them. By God's grace, we will one day see our beautiful daughter again. One day. Until then, we'll try to do His will and find His plan for our lives. God bless you ma'am.


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