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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Many Thanks to New Balance!

If you're not a runner, you may not realize the expense that goes with the sport. To many it may seem that all it takes is to walk out of your house and hit the road. But there are a lot more costs that mount to make it quite an expensive sport. Entry fees for races we've entered range from $15 to $90 per participant. Then of course it takes gas to get to the events (and that's a huge expense these days)! Some of the distant races require us to stay in hotels and eat out. And then there is the equipment, the most basic of which are the shoes we run in.

Running shoes are a major expense for runners who train extensively and compete in a lot of races. A typical pair will last for only 200-300 miles of training and racing combined. We usually go through about six pairs each per year. So we easily spend over $1000 per year in shoes alone.

That's why we're so grateful that New Balance has agreed to sponsor Running with Amanda by supplying us with running shoes. Our first two pair came in last week, and today we ran our first race in them.

We've been running in New Balance shoes before for several reasons. First, the quality. They are durable and comfortable, making them an excellent choice for endurance runners. Second, where they are made. New Balance is the only brand of running shoe that I've been able to find that is still made in the US. That's important to us in an age where more and more companies are shipping their manufacturing overseas and leaving Americans fewer and fewer places to work.

New Balance's willingness to sponsor our tiny project makes us even more proud to say we've been running in their shoes for a long time. Most companies wouldn't even have time for a small organization like ours, but New Balance's heart is where it should be. The company obviously cares about its customers and its community.

We're proud to be running in New Balance shoes and are proud to recommend their products to runners and non-runners alike. Thank God there are still great companies out there that care about more than dollars and cents. New Balance proves a company can care about its community, continue to manufacture products here in the US, and stay in business!

Many thanks from Running with Amanda to New Balance for all the great things they do!

About New Balance

New Balance began as a Boston-based arch support company in the early 1900's, developed into a specialized shoe manufacturer in the 1970's, and has grown to become a leading global athletic products company. Today New Balance is a family of brands including New Balance, Dunham, PF Flyers, Aravon, Warrior and Brine.

Since the days of selling arch supports to police officers and waiters, New Balance has been a brand concerned with meeting the needs of the everyday athlete. Part of producing superior footwear and athletic apparel is manufacturing it to fit all widths and sizes, because a better fit produces better performance.

To ensure the best fitting, best performing shoes and apparel, we focus on improving our technology and production methods. We have maintained five manufacturing facilities in New England where we continue to rely on the skills and teamwork of our American workforce to produce a percentage of our athletic footwear. We have also remained strongly committed to a core set of company values that include integrity, teamwork and total customer satisfaction.

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