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Friday, April 8, 2011

Give to Arkansas Children's Hospital for Kids Like Chevy

We give monthly to Arkansas Children's Hospital so we regularly receive a newsletter with patient profiles. It's just one of the ways ACH lets donors know how their money is spent, and how important their work is. Here's the story of Chevy from last month's newsletter. If your heart is touched by the story of this life saved, please give to ACH and help them save more kids.

The following is quoted from an ACH newsletter we received, but Chevy's last name and the names of his parents have been redacted.

Chevy went from a 2-year-old rambunctious boy with high-energy to being on the brink of death in a matter of days.

First, Chevy came down with a high fever. Chevy's parents did what they could to combat their son's fever, but his condition worsened. He began suffering from chills and convulsions, and they rushed their son to to the local hospital. After assessing his condition, local physicians transferred him to Arkansas Children's Hospital via ambulance.

"We were scared to death when we took Chevy to Children's," says his mom. "We had no idea what was wrong with him, and we had seen him get sick so quickly."

Once at ACH, doctors found that Chevy's blood pressure was incredibly low and his heart was racing. He was immediately started on antibiotics, as ACH staff members struggled to diagnose him. His fever spiking up and down made it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis.

A few days after he was admitted to the hospital, doctors realized Chevy had a blood clot in his jugular vein. The blood clot was caused by an intense infection, located in his right ear.

"Once the doctors found the blood clot, the rest of the pieces clicked in place," says his mother. "They told us our son had Lemierre's syndrome, which is so rare, our doctors had only seen one or two cases in their entire careers."

Lemierre's syndrome, which has only been diagnosed in 160 cases in the world in the last 100 years, begins with a simple ear or throat infection that leads to blood clot formation, generally in the jugular vein area. Chevy's doctor started him on a strict antibiotic regimen, which began to lower his fever almost immediately.

"We just couldn't believe the transformation Chevy made over the next few weeks," says his mom. "As quickly as he got sick, we were surprised at how quickly he got better. Within three weeks, his vital signs were looking good and within four weeks, he was back to normal."

Chevy has completely rebounded from his illness and is feeling great. His mother attributes his wellness to ACH.

"Without Arkansas Children's Hospital, Chevy would have died," she says. "The hospital staff worked on this child day and night to find out what was wrong. It was their hard work and persistence that saved his life."

Chevy's grandmother is grateful for the care her grandson received at ACH.

"How do you properly thank a hospital that saved your grandson's life?" she says. "It is beyond words for me. Arkansas Children's Hospital was wonderful to us."

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."--2 Corinthians 9:7

So please, if you feel moved by the story of this beautiful child, give to Arkansas Children's Hospital so they can help save his life and the lives of others like him.

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